Thursday, January 3, 2008

Internet Seminar Addresses Strategies to Enhance Old Growth Features in Younger Forests

Old-growth forest was once the predominant natural condition across southern New England; however it is now one of the rarest habitats in our region. Although new old-growth forests cannot be created, the opportunity exists to restore old-growth characteristics in our current forests. A discussion of these strategies will be available on January 16, 2008 via the Cornell University ForestConnect Internet Seminar Series. Guest speaker Paul Catanzaro, Forest Resources Specialist from the University of Massachusetts, will discuss recent work done in collaboration with University of Minnesota silviculturalist Anthony D. Amato.

The ForestConnect Internet Seminar Series is an interactive web conference and was the first of its kind in the US. Each seminar uses the Internet to distribute, or webcast, a live and interactive presentation. Since May 2007, webcasts have connected forest owners, managers, and practitioners from throughout the United States and overseas. More than 350 owners and managers from 40 states and three countries are registered and receiving announcements for the monthly webcasts.

Seminars occur on the third Wednesday of each month. Each webcast is provided live, twice. The initial broadcast each month is from noon to 1:00 PM with a repeat live broadcast the same day from 7:00 to 8:00 PM, Eastern Time. Participation is as easy as a high-speed internet connection via a web browser. Participants will connect to a secure Cornell Cooperative Extension server to join the presentation. Participants must pre-register once, without charge, at Email notification of internet URL details will be sent to everyone registered.

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