Monday, March 30, 2009

Timber Tax Management for Family Forest Owners

"I haven't seen this book, but Dr. Hoover has been very active in timber tax issues for many years and guides the website noted below. I suspect this book would be a good invest (and tax deductible) for anyone working in forest tax/revenue arenas."
Peter Smallidge
Cornell Cooperative Extension

The tax treatment of family forests is a very specialized area of taxation. Professor Hoover has devoted his career to making these provisions understandable to family forest owners. Mr. Koontz partnered with Professor Hoover as a graduate student at Purdue University, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources. As part of his graduate program Mr. Koontz learned the tax treatment of timber and created the National Timber Tax Website. He has continued in this role and answers the hundreds of questions submitted to the site.

This publication is intended for family forest owners who don't have immediate access to tax professionals with expert knowledge and experience in this highly specialized field. Although the information included will be adequate for family forest owners needing to report basic transactions, we recommend that all family forest owners work with a tax professional in their vicinity. We have included footnotes citing the authority for almost all of the tax treatments discussed. These can be ignored by most readers. They are intended to provide tax professionals working with family forest owners the information needed to justify the treatment of timber related transactions.

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