Monday, December 5, 2011

Report Offers Help in Fight Against Japanese Stiltgrass

Japanese Stiltgrass is a huge problem in Pennsylvania.  Many landowners are dealing with severe infestations.  I have seen the impact stiltgrass has on regeneration and wildlife habitat.  It is spread to new areas very easily on equipment and will quickly invade following logging.  I highly recommend that folks learn to identify this grass and begin implementing control measures immediately if found in their woodlands.

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (November 22) - The Illinois Department of Natural Resources recently published a white paper that summarizes the many presentations, discussions, and research presented at the 2010 Japanese Stiltgrass summit. The agency hopes the paper will serve as a valuable resource for land managers struggling to turn the tide against this invader.  Click here to read the full news story printed in the Saluki Times.
(Society of American Foresters, E-Forester December 2, 2011)

White Paper: 2011 Stiltgrass Summit.  River to River Cooperative Weed Management Area

Penn State Vegetation Management has a very good practical fact sheet on stiltgrass control.  The factsheet was written by Art Gover, Wildland Weed Management Specialist.  To access the fact sheet click here.

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Biological Woodsman said...

Thanks for posting this information, there seems to be very little offered on the invasive botanical issue we will all have to deal with eventually. ~ Jason Rutledge, Environmentally Sensitive Logging and Lumber Co.