Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pennsylvania's State Forests Meet FSC Certification Standards

Logging on the Sproul State Forest
In reading the Society of American Foresters, E-Forester (January 25, 2013), I came across a report concerning the latest Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification audit that took place on Pennsylvania's State Forest Lands.  The independent, third-party review was conducted in late August 2012 by Rainforest Alliance.  The annual assessment is designed to evaluate the ecological, economic, and social performance of DCNR's Bureau of Forestry according to guidelines established by the Forest Stewardship Council.  Auditors aplauded Pennsylvania’s commitment to its forests, and exemplary practices and innovation in managing forest resources.

FSC certification assures consumers that wood products coming from the state’s 2.2 million acres of public forests come from a sustainable, well-managed system.  This helps Pennsylvania compete in the growing consumer markets for sustainably managed and labeled wood products.

For the full report click here.

Grant (January 23) - HARRISBURG – The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) has released the results of an independent review team’s annual study of state forestlands, affirming the state’s efforts to conserve resources through sound management.

“The auditors were very pleased with our forest management and our staff’s dedication, and I extend thanks to each of the districts involved in this year’s audit for another job well done,” DCNR Secretary Richard Allan said. “This continued certification is an affirmation of the pride we take in managing our state forest system for many values and uses, while maintaining its long-term health and viability.”

“Forest management faces many threats and challenges, including fragmentation and disturbance, invasive plants, destructive exotic insects and insufficient regeneration,” Allan said. “The certification process shows we are doing everything we can to improve our management plans and practices. More importantly, it helps us identify areas we can improve to ensure our forests are well managed and in line with stakeholder expectations.”

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