Friday, May 24, 2013

Update: Farm Bill and Forest Landowners

Last week the House Agriculture Committee passed their Farm Bill, just one day after the Senate Agriculture Committee passed their bill out of committee. Provisions in both bills include huge wins for forest owners.  This is great news!  Farm Bill programs provide valuable funding for private forest owners.  This money is used for beneficial reforestation work, stream buffer plantings, for the control of invasive exotic species, and for the creation of wildlife habitat for endangered species, among other things.  Be sure to urge your congressional representatives to keep forest landowners in the Farm Bill

What's included that's good for forest owners?
• Improved access to conservation tools and resources.
• Improved forest market opportunities with access to the USDA Biobased Markets Program.
• Support for programs that combat forest pests and pathogens.
• Strengthened commitment and direction for forest inventory research.

What's next?
The full Senate will likely begin debating the Farm Bill on this week, while the House is expected to consider this legislation later in June.

Want to know more?
• Check out our American Forest Foundation press release and learn how the House and Senate versions may differ in certain forest provisions.
• To understand how these funds were used in 2012, check out the Forests in the Farm Bill Progress Report on the American Forest Foundations web site.

Much of this information ws compiled by Christine Cadigan, Public Affairs Manager, The American Forest Foundation.

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David R. Jackson said...

The Senate passed the Farm Bill on June 10 with a bipartisan vote of 66-27. The Senate bill boasts signficant wins for forest owners, new market opportunities, protection from the threat of forest invasive pests, and tools and resources for forest stewardship. The House is set to begin debating the Farm Bill the week of June 17th.