Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Forest Steward Sign

Old "Stewardship Forest" sign
The old Forest Steward signs are being replaced by a newly re-designed, colorful "Stewardship Forest" sign. State forestry agencies can now purchase the new-style sign. The sign declares the property as a "Stewardship Forest" and includes the Forest Stewardship Program theme art that depicts the four primary values produced by private forests (forest products, watershed protection, recreation, and wildlife habitat).  
New "Stewardship Forest" sign

A statement at the bottom of the sign reads, "This forestland is being managed sustainably under a written forest management plan that meets Forest Stewardship Program standards in accordance with the state forestry agency and the USDA Forest Service."  The USDA logo and U.S. Forest Service shield are at the bottom of the sign with extra room for States to affix a sticker with their logo if desired. State agencies can contact Voss Signs, the sign vendor, directly for pricing and ordering information. 

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