Monday, May 11, 2015

Help Monarch Butterflies and Pollinators: Plant Habitat

Asclepias tuberosa, Butterfly Weed
Loss of habitat is one reason populations of monarch butterflies and insect pollinators are declining. Native flowering plants provide food for monarch butterflies and native pollinators. The best way to support and protect monarch and pollinator populations is by preserving, enhancing, and restoring plant habitat they use as food sources and reproductive areas. For more information on this topic be sure to check out the publication entitled, Pollinator-Friendly Plants for the Northeast United States on the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Web site. Also, the Forest Service have just released a new brochure on this topic entitled, Creating Monarch and Pollinator Habitat in New Hampshire. Both are great resources to advocate for native plants used by pollinators. (Northeastern Area State & Private Forestry e-News, April 30, 2015)  

For more information on the monarch butterfly and creating pollinator habitat go to Monarch Joint Venture.

Also, check out the Milkweed Information Sheet.

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