Monday, June 22, 2015

Is Overharvesting a Threat to Our Forest?

What is biomass?

Recently, there have been a number of news stories published related to the growth of the biomass industry, particularly in the South. These articles often tell just one side of the story. They describe a narrow and inaccurate view of the threats to family-owned forests.

In an op-ed published this week in “The Hill” entitled "Top Threats to Forests do not Include Over-harvesting", the American Forest Foundation shared a different story, the real story of forest landowners. They point out the most significant challenges Tree Farmers face are development pressures, catastrophic wildfire, invasive plants, insects and disease. Ironically, these threats can all be addressed by increased markets for sustainable wood. With increased markets woodland owners are able to finance practices that create forest resiliency.

I hope you will take the time to read this article and consider sharing your story as well. The American Forest Foundation is always looking for forest landowners/Tree Farmers who actively manage their land to ensure forests remain as forests, in particular, working forests remain as working forests. If interested in sharing your story as part of their communications efforts, please email to learn more.

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