Thursday, September 29, 2016

Forest to Frame

The choices we make about the materials used as we develop the built environment have long-term effects on our society and the environment. Choose wood. It's beautiful, strong, versatile and renewable. With innovations in wood technologies, wood is now the wisest choice for more and more building applications, including mid-rise and even high-rise structures.

Wood is good.......especially when lots of it is used in construction projects. A video produced by the Oregon Forest Resources Institute highlights the environmental benefits of wood construction and using wood products sourced from sustainably managed forests. 

The new 5 minute "Forest to Frame" video seeks to enhance public understanding of how building more structures with wood helps address such pressing global challengges as population growth and climate change. Wood stores carbon, meaning increased use could help fight climate change, said OFRI director of forest products Timm Locke.

"Half of the dry weight of wood is carbon," Locke said. "Wood buildings are essentially huge carbon storage units. This fact alone is causing more and more architects, engineers, developers, and policymakers to take a fresh look at building with wood." 

To learn more about the benefits of mass wood timber construction visit

The Forestry Sources, August 2016, Vol.21, No. 8

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