Thursday, January 18, 2018

Timber Sale Planning Guide

NC State Extension Specialist and Professor of Forestry, Robert Bardon, has prepared an excellent resource for landowners interested in selling timber.  I wanted to share this with my readers.  I provided the introduction and link to the page below.  Give it a read if you plan to sell timber in the near future.

I have also used the below resource for educating folks on the timber sale process as well.  It was produced by the University of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin DNR and is also very well written.

Timber Sales: A Planning Guide for Landowners

By Robert Bardon, Associate Dean of Extension, Department Extension Leader & Professor
Forestry, NC State University

Learning from experience can be very expensive when it comes to timber sales, many of which are once- or twice-in-a-lifetime occurrences. Years of growth and value are accumulated in a mature timber stand, and the combined annual income from all those years is frequently marketed in a single transaction. When and how you sell your timber can influence how much money you make, your overall financial plans, the cost of forest regeneration, and other management objectives.

Too much is at stake for you to sell timber without an understanding of the markets and of the quality and quantity of your timber. There are no daily market price reports for standing timber (stumpage), nor are there any government support prices. Demand and price for many timber products fluctuate widely. Size, quality, and species of timber are also highly variable. Specialized knowledge is required to identify tree species and to estimate volume and value within standards accepted by local markets.

This publication offers tips on marketing and selling, timber terminology, examples of timber sale agreements, and advice on seeking professional help from a consulting forester. By using this information, you can make your next (or first) timber sale both a pleasant and a profitable experience.

Click the below link for full publication.
TimberSales: A Planning Guide for Landowners

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