Friday, February 8, 2019

Will Sunday Hunting in Pennsylvania become a Reality?

Sunday hunting bans are one of the last remaining examples of the puritanical blue laws that were initially designed to encourage church attendance. Today, most of the blue laws have been repealed. Pennsylvania is currently one of 3 states that either severely restricts or completely bans Sunday hunting. The other two states are ME and MA. Currently in Pennsylvania only fox, coyotes, and crows can be hunted on Sundays.

On Tuesday, Feb. 5, the State Senate Game and Fisheries Committee approved Senate Bill 147, legislation which would give the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners the authority to regulate hunting on Sundays.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission supports this legislation that would give the agency the authority to determine for which species Sunday hunting should be lawful. The legislation approved must pass the full Senate, the House of Representatives, and be signed by the Governor before it could become law.

The current prohibition on Sunday hunting is in state law, and the Game Commission does not have the authority to change it without legislative action. Please contact your local state representative and/or state senator on this topic.

The General Assembly of Pennsylvania
Senate Bill No. 147
Session of 2019

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