Friday, May 31, 2019

Deer / Forest Management Book Now Available

A group of 12 wildlife/forestry biologists has just published a book on deer management titled "Deer Management for Forest Landowners and Managers." The book is based on their collective decades of research, teaching, consulting, and managing white-tailed deer in the northeastern states.

The book is designed to help forest landowners and managers, public and private, develop programs to reduce deer density and impact on forest resources. The book will also help agency biologists, college educators, consultants, and hunters understand the needs of forest landowners/stewards in managing deer impact.

This is the first and only book written for those who manage deer and deer impact on private forestlands such as small woodlots and on public forestlands such as state and/or national forests. It covers the what, the why, the how, the where, the when, the by whom, the how much, and for how long details of deer management on forestlands affected by overabundant deer herds. The book integrates the science of deer biology with human dimension factors of values and culture.

The book describes deer management at the actual level of management – the individual forested property, whether a small woodlot of perhaps 20 acres or a larger commercial forest operation, state park or national forest encompassing hundreds to thousands of acres.

These forestlands are where negative deer impact affects goals for natural resources and are where managers integrate all aspects of deer management: hunting, management to counter deer impact, habitat manipulation, maintenance of access roads used by hunters, and human dimension factors such as culture and values of hunters and other stakeholders.

The book is printed by CRC Press and is available now in paperback, hard cover and e-book formats. There is a website ( that describes the book, provides information on how to order the book, and includes endorsements by forestry and wildlife experts.”

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