Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Forest Landowners Guide to Tree Planting Success

Photo: D. Jackson
Tree planting time is here.  Most often, forests regenerate and old fields grow up in trees without our intervention. Sometimes the best plan is simply to monitor and support the natural growth of new trees, especially in our hardwood forests.

The Penn State Extension publication entitled Forest Landowners Guide to Tree PlantingSuccess provides some information that can help you protect emerging and desired seedlings that have naturally occurred. However, planting trees can accelerate the natural progression or succession from field to forest or enrich a newly regenerating forest with an uncommon species.

This publication focuses on the values and methods of establishing wooded areas on rural property. It begins with suggestions to help analyze the planting site and select appropriate tree species, then provide guidelines for preparing the site and the planting process, and finally, offers advice on maintaining and supporting the seedlings as they mature.

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