Thursday, December 10, 2009

American Tree Farm System Forest Certification Program

The American Forest Foundation (AFF) has announced that its board of trustees has adopted new, revised standards for the American Tree Farm System (ATFS), its woodland certification program.

Designed especially for small woodland owners, who provide nearly two-thirds of the wood fiber used for paper products in the United States, the new standards require adoption of a woodland management plan that will ensure conservation of multiple resources—water, wildlife, timber, scenic views, and recreation. The new standards also require certified woodland owners to consider and minimize adverse impact of timber or other activities on places of unique historical, cultural, or wildlife value.

For more information, visit the American Forest Foundation website.

(edited from the E-Forester, November 2009)


Jay Frankenfield said...

It is encouraging to see that the ATFS has revised its standards and they are designed especially for small woodland owners. Maybe their service will improve. I have attempted to sign up my woodland in the ATFS and their service level has been extremely poor. The contact they list on their website for PA does not respond. The contact in DC has provided me some info but has not actually put me in touch with someone in PA who can help sign me up. It would seem signing up new woodlands would be a priority and would be help to prove the value of its future existence. If anyone can help me get my woodland enrolled, I would appreciate it. It seems like a simple request.

David R. Jackson said...

Jay,, begining in 2010 the PA Trtee Farm Committee has a new chair. You can find his contact on teh web site
His name is John Portzline. There are is also a list of inspecting foresters you could also start there. Lastly, I might suggest that you contact your service forester with the Bureau of Forestry. Most are certified as Tree Farm inspectors.

Jay Frankenfield said...

Thanks David. I have contacted John and he has provided me with the info you suggested. I have worked with my service forester Andrew Duncan in the past and he is excellent. I apologize for venting a little in my post.