Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pennsylvania's Woodland Owners Associations

Woodland Owners Associations (WOAs) are excellent resources for landowners. Landowner associations provide an opportunity to fellowship with other landowners.  They also provide educational information including presentations, tours, and other educational opportunities.  WOA's provide an opportunity to network with your peers – other private forest landowners. For a new landowner or if you are not quite sure where to start on a particular project, members of a WOAs can be a great place to start asking questions. You can get to know other landowners in your region, get recommendations on natural resource professionals, and attend talks on subjects of interest to you.  Many WOAs are currently located throughout the state and new ones continue to form.  With a total of 27, associations can be found in almost every county. (Forest leaves, Summer 2009)

To find out more about WOA's and see if one is located in your area check out two very good articles from Penn State Cooperative Extension and it's partners.

The Woodlander (Winter 2010) - Woodland Owner Associations

Forest Leaves (Summer 2009) - Woodland Owners Associations: Forest Stewardship Through Peers


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