Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Asian Longhorned Beetle Found in Ohio

We certainly have heard a lot recently about the emerald ash borer.  In fact, my last post included an update about the insect.  We have not heard much in the news about Asian longhorned beetle (ALB).  Well, that just changed, the insect has now been discovered in Bethel, Ohio, 30 miles southeast of Cincinnatti.  For the complete June 17th news release from USDA APHIS click here

This is not good news for Pennsylvania.  This insect strongly prefers maples.  ALB was first detected in Chicago and New York with a severe infestation now occurring in Worcester, Massachusets.  To see a complete listing of tree species preferred by ALB click here.

Tunneling by beetle larvae girdles tree stems and branches. Repeated attacks lead to dieback of the tree crown and, eventually, death of the tree. ALB probably traveled to the United States inside solid wood packing material from China. The beetle has been intercepted at ports and found in warehouses throughout the United States.

For the complete USDA (Forest Service and APHIS) Pest Alert fact sheet click here.

I encourage everyone to report any signs of ALB activity and avoid moving firewood.

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