Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Biomass Controversey Continues

Following the release of the Monamet Center for Conservation Science's report on woody biomass for energy a storm of controversey has been brewing.  Forest 2 Market, a private organization that provides participants in the wood supply chain with business solutions that support decision making and planning, wrote a very effective and deliberate commentary that was published in the Society of American Foresters Forestry Source August 2010.  The commentary was written by Suz-Anne Kinney.  Suz-Anne is the Communications Manager for Forest 2 Market.  Suz-Anne provided me permission to use the article.  I have provided it to my readers below.

From the Editor: It’s Time for Long-Term Energy Plan
By Suz-Anne Kinney
From the June 2010 Forest2Fuel newsletter.

Controversy erupted last week with the publication of a report prepared by the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The report, some say, leaves the impression that the carbon footprint of biomass electricity is worse than that of energy produced by oil and coal. As biomass has almost universally been considered carbon neutral to this point, this statement has raised more than a few eyebrows--and voices. The Biomass Power Association (BPA), for instance, has requested a correction of misinformation contained in the report. Environmental groups will no doubt pick up some of the conclusions reached in the report and use them to oppose biomass power plants going forward.

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