Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Web tools for woodlot owners

Pete Smallidge of Cornell Cooperative Extension brought a couple of really nice web sites to my attention recently.  They may be useful and informative to a number of my readers.
Forest and Range .Org
This site has on-line learning modules for woodland owners and interactive resources for educators.  The modules span a variety of topics including forestry, wildlife, and rangeland.  The forestry modules are excellent and include timber sales and contracts, certification, inventorying your woods, estate planning, woody plant identification and more.  Most of the modules have activities and video clips that will assist the user in learning the content of the module. The site is managed by the University of TN with individual modules created by specialists from throughout the land grant university system.

Forest A Syst
The goal of this site is to encourage landowners to manage their land for recreational activities, wildife habitat, and timber production while protecting the quality of water resources.  The site provides general information on timber and wildlife management, recreation, forest health, and management planning.  The site will also assyst landowners from throughout the US collect baseline information about the location of their property, soils information, and connect them with agency / extension specialists in their region. It is possible to view and print soils maps and aerial photos.  The site was developed by the University of Georgia.

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