Monday, October 3, 2011

Wood is Good!

UBC Forestry
On Friday, September 29, 2011, the USDA Forest Service release the findings of a study entitled Forest Service Report Documents Environmental Benefits of Wood as a Green Building Material.  Agriculture secretary, Tom Vilsack, announced that based on the resultsof the study wood should be a primary building material in green building.

The authors of the report, Science Supporting the Economic and Environmental Benefits of Using Wood and Wood Products in Green Building Construction, indicate that they reviewed the scientific literature and found that using wood in building products yields fewer greenhouse gases than using other common materials.

The study confirms what many of us have been arguing for years....that "Wood is Good!"  Secretary Vilsack writes, "Wood should be a major component of American building and energy design. The use of wood provides substantial environmental benefits, provides incentives for private landowners to maintain forest land, and provides a critical source of jobs in rural America."

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