Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Women Owning Woodlands Web Site

I'm pleased to share with you that there is now a new Women Owning Woodlands website up and running.  There are lots of resources for all forest landowners, but with a special focus on women who own or are active with forest lands.  Check it out!

Women Owning Woodlands
Welcome! On this website you’ll find accurate and timely information about managing your woods sustainably and with your goals in mind. Here are some tips for using the site.

You can search for posts that relate to a specific topic (say, taxes or improving wildlife habitat) by selecting that topic from the dropdown list at the top of every page. Many posts are cross-listed, so you may find some of the same posts in a search for “taxes” and in a search for “estate planning.” Over time, we’ll add more and more information about all the topics on the site, so we also recommend checking back regularly, or setting up a web reader that will alert you to new posts on the site.  Read more.

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