Monday, July 2, 2012

Carbon Emissions and Heating with Wood Pellets

I wanted to share the findings of an interesting report posted in the Kilwa Biomass: Wood Energy News dated 6/29/12.  The article provides a telling summary in regards to carbon emissions and pellet fuel.  The study states, "As a result, switching from fossil fuel heating to a wood pellet stove or furnace could lead to a 60% to 90% reduction of carbon emissions."  The findings are based on a joint research project between The Alliance for Green Heat and VU University Amsterdam.  As many of us already suspected, wood pellets can be a very low carbon source of heat as long as certain conditions are met, in particular, strict adherance to sustainable harvesting practices.

A Carbon Life Cycle Analysis of Wood: The Republican Journal, April 2012.

Click here to go directly to the complete study published by the Alliance for Green Heat.

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