Thursday, April 4, 2013

Young Forest Communications ToolKit

As a folIow-up to last weeks post on young forests, deer, and clearcutting, I wanted to let you know about a number of resources related to young forest habitat communications that a team of professionals across the Northeast have been put together. They should be beneficial resources to help explain to different audiences the importance of this habitat to wildlife.

The Wildlife Management Institute has created a number of excellent websites:, and

The websites were designed and written to educate and appeal to the public and to provide ready-made text for conservation professionals when developing letters, articles, reports, and proposals. The text can be used verbatim or adapted to your needs. Be sure to share this informaion with landowners, other colleagues, and anyone interested in learning more about young forests.

When you click on "Resources" in the menu bar (top left), you'll find a substantial (and growing) list of articles, handbooks, brochures, PowerPoints, youtube clips, and websites. Take a look around; you can use the "Choose a Resource Type" filter to zero in on resources for landowners and the public, and those for conservation professionals.

Here is their latest resource for professionals:
Talking About Young Forests: A Communication Handbook
(A guidebook helping conservationists explain the importance of young forest to the public and other key audiences -- 3 MB.)

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