Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Is it Worth Fighting Invasive Species?

Emerald ash borer larva
I've often asked myself that very question.  Each year I get out and treat invasive plants on our demonstration woodlot.  I often ask myself is this worth it?  Am I making a difference?  Should I keep doing this?  The answer I keep coming up with is a is a resounding YES!  I know we won't eradicate these plant and insect invaders but at least I know my efforts will keep them at bay, keep them from completely taking over the woodlot.

We know invasive species are here to stay.  They live in most, if not all, ecosystems.  But what are we to do about them?  Should we invest time and resources elsewhere?  A new video entitled Invasive Species - Fight 'em or Throw in the Towel by Untamed Science tries to answer this question.  Is it even worth fighting invasive species?

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