Wednesday, December 18, 2019

US-China Trade Update – Hardwood and Forests Products Mentioned

Passing this on from the Hardwood Federation and the PA Forest Products Association. A bit of good news that may make for a merrier Christmas for some this year.

US Trade Ambassador Robert Lighthizer appeared on Fox News this morning and mentioned that hardwoods are part of the trade deal with China. The clip may be viewed here. Hardwood and forest products are mentioned at 1:56 of this clip addressing how other areas of agriculture also classified as manufacturing will be used by the U.S. to get to the $50B/year of agricultural purchases that the President and Administration were pushing for.

Ensuring that hardwoods, and the impact the trade war with China has had on the industry, were considered by the Trump Administration during trade negotiations was a combined effort of many in the industry. This includes the many individual hardwood company leaders who came to Washington to speak directly with members of the Administration and Congress, during Hardwood
Federation events like the Fly-In and on their own. Hardwood companies also wrote, called, and e-mailed their Congressional representatives and the Hardwood Federation Member Association Executives who shared information, encouraged engagement and supported Federation outreach and activity.

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