Monday, December 29, 2014

Spruce Creek Pennsylvania - Protecting it's Water

The Clearwater Conservancy located in State College, Pennsylvania, is an association dedicated to the protection of the environment and its resources.  Clearwater's focus is on water and water quality protection.  Central Pennsylvania lies in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and has numerous pristine waterways.  Cleawater works to keep them that way by working with farmers and other landowners to take critical land adjacent to streams out of agricultural production and put them back in forests.  By planting wide "riparian buffers" surface water runoff is slowed and pollution is prevented from directly entering the stream.  Clearwater also serves as a local land trust by placing and holding conservation easements on strategic properties across the central Pennsylvania region. Often these properties become part of our public land resource as State Forest or Game Commission land.

Clearwater has recently released a video entitled "Preserving Fabled Waters: Restoration Efforts in the Spruce Creek Watershed." The video brings to light the importance of protecting our water and how we all need to do our part.  Spruce Creek is a famous Pennsylvania stream that even presidents have fished.  It is part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, so keeping it clean and protected is of the utmost importance.  The video really brings to light the important work the employees of the Clearwater Conservancy do.  They are all passionate about their work and need to be commended for their efforts.


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