Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Use Wood: The Worlds Best Raw Material

Wood is an incredible raw material, quite possibly the world's best!.  It is fossil free, renewable, recyclable, sustainable, generates no waste, and is biodegradable.  Wood it the perfect material for making furniture, cabinets, flooring, which is what most of the high quality hardwoods in Pennsylvania are made into, and many other products from paper to construction lumber.  The videos I am sharing below are by the artist Trae Miljoe for the Danish Wood Initiative.  They are very well done and bring to light points we should all know and understand about our use of wood.

In the first, entitled Wood Takes the Chair, you will see how the stone age man creates his first chair out of wood and how he conquers the world evolving into a modern manufacturer of sustainable wood furniture.  In the second, entitled Why on Earth a Wood House, the artist gives the reasons why wood is the world's best building material.

- Wood is the strongest building material, relative to its weight
- Wood is quick, easy, and economical to use
- Wood is strong, yet flexible
- Wood it beautiful, keeps you warm, and is good for the senses
- Wood is the most environmentally friendly building material
- Wood is the only building material made by the sun and carbon from the air
- Wood stores carbon and reduces the greenhouse effect
- Wood is the only renewable building material in perpetual supply from properly managed forests,

And lastly, watch this video by Trae Miljoe.  It provides an excellent summary of a complex topic.
"Wood - nature's stroke of genius!"

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