Monday, November 19, 2018

Warbler Habitat to Hardwood Floors
I wanted to share a "neat" story about one of our local Pennsylvania landowners, Mark Ott.  Mark is one of our Pennsylvania Forest Stewards and well as a certified Tree Farmer.  He has been involved with many forestry activities over the years, including the Woodland Owners of Centre County and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative of Pennsylvania.  I recently had a chance to visit Mark's property where he was getting ready to have a section harvested to create habitat for golden-winged warblers. Golden-winged populations have been declining in numbers for quite some time now and have one of the smallest populations of any bird NOT on the endangered species list.  For more information on golden-winged warbler click here.

Mark was able to add an interesting twist to his story, he was able to find a wood products company to make flooring from the trees harvested from his property. To create golden-winged warbler habitat a specific kind of forest condition needs to be created, one with a few mature trees in the overstory and young tree regeneration in the understory.  By using the harvested trees to make hardwood flooring Mark was able to take a little piece of his woodland and incorporate it into his home at the same time he was creating habitat for a declining songbird species, great story.

You can view his story on You Tube.

Steller Flooring: Mark Ott's Inspirational Hardwood Flooring

We are thrilled to be a part of Mark's journey to incorporate trees from his property into his own hardwood floor. Mark harvested the trees earlier this year for a Golden-winged Warbler conservation project in central Pennsylvania, and he's going the extra mile for sustainable land management. Check out our hike, Mark's site, and why he decided on Steller Flooring!
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